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infinity-seriesInfinity Series 243 361mv_slides_0Infinity Series 361

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With the introduction of the Rodgers Infinity Series, a new era begins for choice, creative freedom and value. These instruments transcend all existing boundaries of realism and flexibility. Once again, Rodgers has raised the performance bar by opening dramatic and unexpected new dimensions in musical excellence.


Artist Series 579 Artist Series 589Artist Series 589

Artist Series 599Artist Series 599 Artist Series 4589Artist Series 4589

What’s different about the Rodgers Artist Series is that everything will inspire you: the sound, voicing, tonal flexibility, build quality and the plain fun of playing. Even more uplifting is what the congregation will experience when they hear it. For concerts, recitals, liturgy, weddings, and choir accompaniment, the Rodgers Artist Series will make spirits soar along with the music. And that’s the most inspiring difference of all.


Classic Series 559Classic Series 559

Classic Series 569Classic Series 569

Rodgers Classic organ consoles are designed to meet the need for a complete two-manual instrument built to AGO specifications in a small cabinet – “the perfect fit for high expectations.” The Rodgers Classic Series offers two console options, both in a standard AGO cabinet with a 32-note radiating concave pedalboard. Each provides the wide-ranging musical specification pioneered by the Roland Classic Series with the addition of an expanded library of high-quality Roland orchestral sounds.

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