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The Gift Of Quality With Rodger Organs

Rodger Infinity Series Piano

Rodgers Infinity Series 243 Organ ConsoleInfinity Series 243 Rodgers Infinity Series 361 Organ ConsoleInfinity Series 361

Rodgers Infinity Series 434 Organ ConsoleInfinity Series 484


Rodgers Artist Series Piano

Rodgers Artist Series 579 Organ ConsoleArtist Series 579 Rodgers Artist Series 589 Organ ConsoleArtist Series 589

Rodgers Artist Series 599 Organ ConsoleArtist Series 599


Rodgers Classic Series Piano

Rodgers Classic Series 559 Organ ConsoleClassic Series 559

Rodgers Classic Series 569 Organ ConsoleClassic Series 569


If you’re looking for a Rodgers Organ for sale, Central Music is the premier destination in all of Florida to provide you with elegant options that are meticulously taken care of and profoundly distinct.

Central Music is a family run Florida business with strong values to serve our customers from the first time you walk on our floor to providing professional installation and expert maintenance. Through the years, we have been considered one of top Rodgers Organ dealers in the world as our core belief has always been to take care of our customers first.

We are proud to represent the Rodgers name. Amongst the list of highly crafted Rodgers Organ models in our selection you’ll find The Classic Series, The Artist Series, The Infinity Series and the wonderful new Rodgers Inspire Series organs that have recently been introduced. Our friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable on all of our products and are happy to help you.

Rodgers Inspire Series Organs in Florida

If you are looking for a classical home organ, or an instrument for a small church organ that offers a spiritual experience like no other, then you’ve no further to look than the new organs introduced by Rodgers this year: The Inspire series.

With two models, the 227 and 233 coming out in recent months, Rodgers has combined the tradition of America with the future. Each Inspire Series organ melds the sound of a traditional American pipe organ with modern innovation that offers a sound that will bring people together in your home or in your church.

To learn more about the various benefits and features of each Rodgers Organ for sale, contact our experts at Central Music. Call us today at 727-573-4654 to discuss your instrument requirements and dreams.


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All Rodgers products are compliant with
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requirements. Not only are Rodgers
instruments the finest available,
they are also safe for you and
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