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Concert Performer Series

Kawai CP 1 Digital Grand Piano
CP 1
Kawai CP 2 Digital Upright Piano
CP 2
Kawai CP 3 Digital Upright Piano
CP 3

The impressive new Concert Performer Series comes in three models – one grand piano and two uprights. Whether you are a performer, hobbyist, church or school, you are certain to find the perfect instrument to inspire and delight you for many years to come.

Classic Series

Kawai CS 10 Digital Upright Piano
CS 10
Kawai CS 7 Digital Upright Piano
CS 7
Kawai CS 4 Digital Upright Piano
CS 4

Luxurious, elegant, classic – nothing says piano quite like the refined beauty of polished ebony. The evocative character of a silky smooth, rich black cabinet elevates the musical instrument to that of a signature piece of fine furniture, while simultaneously raising the artistic aspirations of the performer.


CN Series

Kawai CN 25
CN 25
Kawai CN 35
CN 35

Authentic touch. Beautiful sound. Inspiring features. Renowned quality. The new standard in digital piano value and performance.

Concert Artist Series

Kawai CA 65 Digital Upright Piano
CA 65
Kawai CA 67 Digital Upright Piano
CA 67
Kawai CA 95 Digital Upright Piano
CA 95
Kawai CA 97 Digital Upright Piano
CA 97

Kawai’s award-winning Concert Artist Series digital pianos… transforming expectations as to how authentic a digital piano can be.

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