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Julius Blüthner established his workshop in Leipzig, Germany in 1853. This accomplishment was only achieved after a long and difficult campaign to gain Leipzig citizenship. Julius started his endeavor with himself and three other craftsman. A deeply religious man, Julius spoke the defining words that would allow his company to survive and flourish to this day, “May God Prevail”.

By 1900 Blüthner had become the largest piano maker in Germany, producing some 5,000 instruments annually. Innovations such as the Aliquot string, a fourth string that vibrates sympathetically and that is tuned in unison as well as the cylindrical soundboard and angle cut hammers, created a unique voice for the Blüthner instrument.

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Bluthner Model 11 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 11 Bluthner Model 10 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 10

Bluthner Model 6 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 6
Bluthner Model 4 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 4 Bluthner Model 2 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 2 Bluthner Model 1 Grand Piano FloridaBluthner Model 1

 “This Bluthner had the most beautiful singing tone I have ever found. I became quite enthusiastic and decided to play my beloved Barcarolle of Chopin. The piano inspired me. I don’t think I ever played better in my life. And then the miracle happened; they played it back to me and I must confess that I had tears in my eyes. It was the performance that I dreamed of and the sound reproduced faithfully the golden tone of the piano.”
-Arthur Rubinstein

Haessler Model 175 Grand Piano FloridaHaessler Model 175 Haessler Model 186 Grand Piano FloridaHaessler Model 186

Haessler Model 210 Grand Piano FloridaHaessler Model 210

“We have played on many terrible instruments. Today luckily we have the choice. Blüthner is our favourite”
-John Lennon

Irmler Europe Model 160 Grand Piano FloridaIrmler Europe Model 160 Irmler Europe Model 175 Grand Piano FloridaIrmler Europe Model 175

Irmler Europe Model 190 Grand Piano FloridaIrmler Europe Model 190
Irmler Europe Model 210 Grand Piano FloridaIrmler Europe Model 210 Irmler Europe Model 230 Grand Piano FloridaIrmler Europe Model 230

Irmler pianos are convincing with their distinctive sound properties. Carefully selected materials, high quality workmanship and the use of modern technology are the sources of our success. Let yourself be seduced by the tonal and aesthetic qualities of the Irmler instruments. An advantageous value for the money, paired with our long-standing experience in traditional German piano craftsmanship and technical innovations, guarantee the consistency of our quality.


“Whenever I have played a Blüthner on my concert tours, it has always proven itself to be among the best and melodious instruments I have ever known.
Franz Lizst

“I wish to praise you on the excellence of your new Blüthner concert grand piano. The touch is outstanding and the tone is beautiful. I have the highest regard for this instrument.”
-Claude Debussy

“I fall in love with each Blüthner piano I play–not only because of the rich, warm sound, but the myriad of colors within each note–that is where the magic is.
-Petronel Malan