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Leslie 525



The Leslie 525 stationary speaker system is used to add an additional channel to any Leslie speaker to facilitate multi-channel organs. The 525 Leslie features a 300-watt RMS solid-state amplifier. It also contains five speakers: one 550-watt, 15” woofer, 2- 5 1/4” mid-range and 2 –1” tweeters which produces extremely clean highs and solid bass. An-11pin Leslie jack as well as a ¼” Line Input jack are provided. This Leslie has been designed to be placed on top of any traditional Leslie speaker or in any remote position. The cabinet is available in a red walnut or oak finish. The Model 3301 is the same speaker in a “road-worthy” finish to match the Leslie 3300. Folding handles are included on the 3301.


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300-Watt RMS Total: 220-Watt RMS bass amplifier 80-Watt RMS treble amplifier

550-Watt, 15” woofer, 2 –5 ¼” mid-range, and 2 –1” tweeters

11-pin Leslie connector and ¼” line input jack Output: ¼” line output jack suitable to drive an external powered sub-woofer

Master volume, bass and treble level, and power on/off switch

Model 525-W has walnut veneers and model 525-O has oak veneers over fine grain MDF sealed with a four-coat lacquer process. Model 3301 has a rugged-built cabinet with a high-impact black finish.

28 7/8″(W) x 20 3/8″(D) x 18 3/8″(H)

99 lbs