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Don Leslie capitalized on a principle called the “Doppler Effect”. It’s why a train whistle seems to go down in pitch when a train passes you. Don took a horn speaker and made it go around in a circle. And Bingo! a legend was born. The spinning horn gave the Hammond Organ what is called in the pipe organ world a tremulant. Vibrato, Tremolo, and a little “whoosh” of air all put together. It made the Hammond Organ sound completely different. The Hammond’s life in all popular music-Jazz, Rock, Pop was born at that moment.

SurgeX Energy Intelligence

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The SurgeX Difference

SurgeX is the leading manufacturer of premium AC power conditioning products for the professional and residential audio, video, and multi-media marketplace. Our patented technology is built exclusively to properly protect ProAV and home theater equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance.

100% Fail Safe Protection: For the past twelve years, SurgeX technology has never failed to protect connected equipment, due to an AC surge-related event. That’s a fact. Advanced Series Mode® Surge Elimination Technology: Superior to conventional MOV or MOV-Hybrid based technologies, SurgeX technology is completely non-sacrificial and eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. A-1-1 Certified: SurgeX Advanced Series Mode Technology is the first powerline surge elimination technology in the world to be certified Grade A, Class 1, Mode 1. Developed by Underwriters Laboratories, this certification testing is used in U.S. Government guidelines and assures dependable protection from destructive spikes, surges and inductive transients. Complete Protection Package: Only SurgeX’s product line provides robust technology that protects ProAV equipment, in more ways than one. Additional SurgeX technology, includes: COVUS Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown, Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filtering (both normal and common mode), and ICE Inrush Current Elimination Filtration. Government/Education Best Practice: Our entire line meets the most stringent government purchase specifications for powerline surge suppressors and are A-1-1 Certified for all government installations. Industry Expertise and Support: Through key relationships with other industry experts, we have become a source of knowledge and assistance for all AC power and grounding issues, not just surge elimination and power conditioning. Our senior staff are all SynAudCon graduates with extensive experience in the professional audio/video industry. Additionally, our chief engineer is a member of the InfoComm Faculty, a full member of the Audio Engineering Society and a member of the AES Standards Committee Working Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility. Proven Experience: SurgeX is the most widely used ProAV power protection provider in nationally recognized concert halls, sports areas, and auditoriums. Recent installations include: Carnegie Hall, Dallas Cowboys new 2009 Stadium, Yankees Stadium, and The Kimmel Center. All SurgeX products are backed by an industry leading 16 Year Warranty.