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Factory Authorized Service Center for Rodgers, Roland, Ruffatti, Bluthner, Haessler, Irmler and Hammond
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  • Call 24 hours
  • Live assistance available during business hours
  • After hours voice mail available
  • After hours / weekend emergency response available (see below)
  • All work guaranteed

Central Music is your source for factory authorized service when the need arises.  Keeping your instrument in proper operating condition is our first priority.  When you call Central Music for service, we create a new case in our Service Management System that is assigned to the appropriate service technician.  The service tech will contact you to schedule a convenient time to perform the service on-site.
Service for Rodgers, Roland and Ruffatti organs is provided through our employed staff of factory authorized service technicians throughout Florida and the Caribbean.  Our service staff and technicians have direct access to the technical services staff at the Rodgers factory, as well as online access to complete technical documentation for every Rodgers organ model made.

Service Fees
The base service call fee that covers the first hour of technician time on site (except warranty service – see below).  Charges for additional technician time and/or parts will be quoted before the work is performed.  When the service work is completed, you will receive an invoice from Central Music.  Payment may be made by check.

We provide parts for every Rodgers organ ever built.  Our service techs are stocked with commonly needed parts so that most service calls can be completed in one visit.  On older instruments, burned out drawknob, tab and music rack lamps will be replaced unless you specifically request this work not be done (newer instruments use long-lasting LEDs).  If your service need requires parts to be ordered, the service tech will advise regarding the cost and time-frame for completing the service.

Warranty Service

  • There is no charge for service during the Dealer Service Warranty period.  Refer to your original sales contract for service warranty period.
  • There is no charge for parts during the Manufacturer Parts Warranty period, ten years for Rodgers organs.  Roland and Hammond parts warranty periods vary depending on the particular product.  Again, refer to your original sales contract for the warranty period.  For additional information, refer to the Roland or Hammond Service and Support Policy.

Emergency Service
When your service need is urgent, we can be reached during non-business hours and weekends by calling the number above and pressing 11 for the Service department.

Service Warranties
We warrant that the service issue is fixed when we complete your service case, or we’ll come back and resolve it at no additional charge.  New parts are warrantied for the remainder of the Rodgers parts warranty, or one year if the organ is older than ten years.  Reconditioned parts are warrantied for 90 days.

Tips & Tricks
Some service calls are avoidable by observing a few simple precautions.  Here a few tips for avoiding costly service situations:

  • Never erase marks on your music while the music is on the music rack—eraser crumbs (and any other debris) falling onto the keyboards may eventually result in the need for keyboard service.  Like any other electronic device or machine, they work best when kept clean.
  • Use a quality surge protector to avoid damage to electronic components caused by electrical power spikes.  It is also important to use surge protection for the audio system amplifiers.  We are happy to offer surge “eliminators” from SurgeX
  • For organs with Plexiglass music racks that fold down, when closing the music rack lift the rack from the bottom and gently pull the top of the rack forward — this will avoid cracking the Plexiglass.
  • Rodgers organs built in 2012 and after are designed to be highly rodent resistant.  In areas where small rodents (aka mice!) are an issue, confirm that your organ was built with rodent protection.  If it was not, take precautions to prevent rodents getting inside the console where they can do harm.