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Inside A Ruffatti Organ


A pipe organ is a fantastic instrument! At the same time, it is a very complex machine, for which high perfor-mance standards are a must. The key to success is a combination of top quality materials and fine manufacturing techniques. We invite you to take a quick virtual tour inside our instruments. It’s an amazing journey.




Mahogany ladders, walkboards and handrails make it easy to reach all façade pipes for tuning.

Our 8’ offset pipes, like our façade pipes, are not made of zinc; instead, they are 95% tin. This not only provides a brilliant finish, but also great strength and resonance.


Some of our pipes are cone-tuned, as are these in the four-manual Ruffatti organ in Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden, above left. Others are tuned with beautifully handcrafted beveled slide tuners. The lower edge is beveled to facilitate catching the tuning rod without scratching the pipe surface.


Our innovatively-designed tremulants are noise-free and effective, even when applied to our hyper-efficient schwimmers.

We manufacture the steel stupports for our beautiful mahogany windchests in our factory.


One of our mahogany reservoirs, photographed with the organ powered on.

The same mahogany reservoir when the organ is powered off. The leather is fully protected from outside agents by solid mahogany frames, a great step in the direction of ensuring longevity.


The impressive view of an expression enclosure by Ruffatti, made of 2-inch-thick soundproof mahogany-finished panelling.

Expression shades must be as airtight as possible when closed to be truly effective. Even the slightest opening at the base and top of the louvers, neces-sary to allow easy movement, is sealed on Ruffatti’s mahogany shades with strips of cashmere felt.


On our mechanical action instruments, solid aluminum rods are lightweight and reduce torsion.

The wooden trackers attach to the rollerboards by means of a snap-in connector. This contributes to easy maintenance.


The elegant rollerboard of a Ruffatti mechanical action organ.

The tension adjustment of the connectors is done by a twist of the finger on the corrugated plastic knob. No need for complicated repositioning of elements.


The electric stop action on a slider chest. High performance solenoids with adjustable travel and force are connected to the mechanical levers that pull the chest sliders.

A Ruffatti mechanical windchest features light weight removable pallets and other elements that ensure quiet and reliable operation.