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Bluthner Upright Model A

The design of this instrument is based on many years of experience in piano manufacturing.  The sensitivity of the soundboard responds to the players every intention, creating the desired dynamics and tonal colors, and fulfilling the role of a small grand.  The touch responds sympathetically to the player’s wishes, from a most delicate pianissimo to a powerful forte.  Available in a range of finishes from black to mahogany or burr walnuts, this instrument can also be fitted with a decorative top door panel.

Whether you desire a classic, elegant, or extravagant design, we will manufacture a bespoke instrument to suit your taste.  Select one of our existing upright piano models or realize your own dream.  We can craft your piano so that hardly a desire will remain unfulfilled.  We can also craft your piano case in your favorite wood veneer and finish.

Bluthner Professional Upright Model A
124.5 cm – 49″