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• Industry Update: The Truth

Hello friends.  There has been a lot of speculation recently (and sadly, lots of false information) about the Rodgers Organ Company over the last few months and we are really happy that we’re finally able to reveal the tremendous good news to you!

THE TRUTH: In January, dad (Nelson Newby) and I attended a great celebration in Anaheim, California hosted by Marco VandeWeerd and Jon Moesbergen whose family owns and manufactures three major church organ brands in their home country of Holland and has distributed them very successfully throughout the world since 1978.*  We were there along with other church organ dealers and distributors from all over the world for the announcement and celebration of the VandeWeerd family’s successful and long-sought purchase of the Rodgers Organ Company from the Roland Corporation.  You will remember Roland as the parent company of Rodgers who has grown Rodgers’ exceptional reputation and advanced organ technologies for nearly 30 years.  This new alliance and ultimate purchase was five years in the making and with their acquisition of Rodgers the VandeWeerd family becomes the largest builders of digital church organs and hybrid pipe organs in the world.

THE TRUTH: Rodgers had one of their most profitable years in history in 2015 by rolling out the new high-end Infinity organs and the new Rodgers Revolution upgrades to the Classic and Artist organ lines.  The VandeWeerd representatives reported that in addition to the renowned reputation of the Rodgers company and their organs, the successful and passionate network of Rodgers dealers was a key factor that drew them toward this acquisition.

THE TRUTH: A major issue within the agreement assures current owners of Rodgers organs that any future organ service they might need is fully protected and secure as Roland made an on-going commitment to providing any and all parts that may be needed, and the new owners have assumed all legal responsibility for existing Rodgers product warranties.

The Rodgers Organ Company has been, is, and will remain an American made church organ, with their distinct and universal American classic sound plus their huge voice palette of orchestral voices and European organ stoplist options.  This statement was clearly expressed by Marco VandeWeerd in his comments to the dealers, the press, and in his written statements.  As further proof of their commitment we’re very excited to report that Rodgers’ new President and CEO John Moesbergen (a VandeWeerd family member) will be re-locating from Holland to Rodgers’ home city of Hillsboro, Oregon (near Portland) where Rodgers organs will continue to be made as they have since 1958.

On a personal note, Central Music, Inc. was again honored as a “Global Top-10″ Rodgers dealership for digital and hybrid pipe organs.  We will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this ownership change.  We continue to be available at your convenience to assist in any and all service or warranty needs you might have, and to continue providing you with educational and musical training on your Rodgers organ.

As evidenced in Rodgers organs, Fratelli Ruffatti pipe organs, and Bluthner pianos, we are committed to providing the finest available products in the world to our church and classic instrument customers.  We are extremely excited to be a part of this next chapter in the history of Rodgers.

We thank you tremendously for your continued support of our company and for your enthusiastic support of all our professional products and services.

Kindest regards,
Timothy Newby – Vice President
Central Music, Inc.

*In addition to Rodgers, the VandeWeerd family currently owns the Copeman-Hart, Makin and Johannus organ companies.